lunedì 31 agosto 2009

La Vida Loca


Owner:Maik Morató Güell, Barna, Espania

Make & Model:1988 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883

Engine:Rebuilt 1988 4-speed Sportster 883 with gasflowed cylinder heads. S&S Super E carburettor and S&S air filter housing. Andrews high output ignition coil and 8mm silicon HT leads. Crane Hi-4 ignition. Engine powder-coated gloss black.

Exhaust:SuperTrapp stainless steel 2-1 exhaust header pipes and aluminium racing spec 'shorty' end can.

Transmission:One-off primary belt drive and outboard gearbox drive sprocket fabricated by Owner. Andrews gears, billet aluminium clutch basket and engine drive sprocket, heavy-duty kevlar clutch plates. Billet aluminium final drive sprocket.

Frame:1988 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 modified by Owner. Frame braced, strengthened and rear subframe removed. New aluminium box section rear subframe and seat mounting. Suzuki GSX-R750 swinging-arm modified by Owner to fit Sportster frame. White Power shock absorber, shock linkages fabricated by Owner.

Forks:White Power Roma USD forks and yokes.

Front Wheel:Pirelli tyre on Kawasaki ZXR750 wheel

Front Brake:Kawasaki ZXR750 brake discs and 4-piston Tokico callipers. Billet aluminium brake calliper conversion brackets fabricated by Owner. Kawasaki ZXR750 master cylinder with Earl's stainless steel brake lines with aluminium anodised fittings. Kawasaki ZXR750 clutch lever.

Rear Wheel:Pirelli tyre on Kawasaki ZXR750 wheel

Rear Brake:Kawasaki ZXR750 brake disc, calliper and master cylinder. Earl's stainless steel brake line with anodised aluminium fittings.

Seat:By owner.

Petrol Tank:Stock 2-gal Sportster fuel tank modified to accept flush-fitting cap.

Oil Tank:Fabricated by Owner

Paint:By Owner

Handlebars:Modified WP clip-on handlebars.

WiringModified 1988 Sportster wiring harness. Minimal switch gear.

Headlight:Twin projector type

Tail light:Scooter

Other mods:Modified aftermarket scooter headlight fairing and belly pan. Aluminium seat, box section and oil tank. Billet aluminium rear-set footrest hangers and levers fabricated by Owner.

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  1. Look un po' datato il progetto non dev'essere recente, ma interessante da valutare e aggiornare