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• P R A Ë M S P 3 •

• P R A Ë M   S P 3 •
The ultimate handcrafted grand tourer.

PRAËM has been established in 2014 by two brothers, Sylvain (M.A. Designer, former BMW Motorrad designer) and Florent (prototypist, former aeronautical mechanic in the French army) Berneron.
Stemming from a long reflection upstream, it aims at realizing unique hand-made machines according to a precise working methodology.
We shall travel in the motorcycle history to select frames or mythical engines, due to their technical nobility or their racing pedigree. These machines will then be analyzed, redrawn and perfected to end in unique realizations, developed in a technical or esthetic purpose according to the desired result.

This project is called PRAËM SP3, the donor bike is a Honda VTR 1000 RC51 SP2, this machine won the SBK championship in 2000 and finished second in the points in 2001, both times with Collin Edwards.
The choice is legit as the bike is very well born, in line with the mythical HRC machines such as the RC30, RC45 and more recently the RC213V.

All the HRC (Honda Racing Corporation) expertise is there, the engine is mainly made out of magnesium and aluminum, the distribution is made of sprockets instead of a classic belt or chain.
But as a stock bike, the RC51 SP2 had down sides compare to the factory race bike, the brakes and suspensions were not as good as the rest of the machine, and the tank was covering the rear cylinder, creating overheating problems.
The PRAËM philosophy requires to not damage the original performances of the machine, therefore we kept its racing stock geometry and improved everything around it.
In order to solve braking and suspension problems, the SP3 power train has been assembled from the best parts available on the market, like ultra-light carbon wheels, radial brakes with carbon-ceramic discs, as well as the best Ölhins suspensions in a unique FULL BLACK delivery.

This project takes place into a GT (Grand-Tourer) segment, the goal is not to make a pure race bike or a confortable touring bike, but a vehicle that can live in between this two worlds. In the car industry it could be a Aston Martin DB9 for example, fast and powerful, but timeless and elegant as well.
Semantically speaking, each surface is treated depending on its type of use, all the mechanical and structural elements are blacked out. Brushed aluminium or stainless steel define the ergonomic and aerodynamic surface, when the colored bits are ornemental features.
Unlike its RC51 SP2 ancestor, the cutout in the SP3 tank prevents the rear cylinder from overheating.
The 2mm stainless steel wired fairings are inspired by the sculptures of the Brooklyn based Korean artist Seung Mo Park, except that they combine a function on the SP3 project. By varying the density of the wires, fresh air can go through in the ram air at the front, and hot air can be extracted from the lateral cooling system.
In the history, a strong bridge has been established between the world of watchmaking and the nautical, aeronautical, and automobile industries, but it somehow never happened with motorcycles.
The prestigious chronograph brand Tag Heuer has therefore accepted to join Praem and let us integrate a Monaco Calibre 11 on the SP3 tank.
We have deliberately chosen to integrate the complete watch (with strap) in its support to keep it wearable when the pilot is not on the machine.

We started the SP3 project in January 2015, the complete design and building process has been done in house and required approximatively 4000 hours of labour.
With the engine completely rebuilt and tuned, we aim at 165 hp and 125 Nm.
The new tank has a 12L capacity and the dry weight is 180Kgs.

- Tires: PIRELLI Superbike SC2.
- Wheels: ROTOBOX carbon fibers wheels (6,8 Kgs a pair)
- Discs: SICOM carbon ceramic brakes (optimal operating temperature: 450°C)
- Brakes: BREMBO CNC 484/108 and CNC 84 (all on ceramic pads)
- Suspensions: ÖLHINS FGR300 and TTX36 (Best items you can get from Ölhins, except that this set is unique as we made it FULL BLACK)
- All the none suspended parts use titanium bolts.

1000cc 90°V-twin / DOHC / 4 valves per cylinder
- Lightened crank shaft
- JE High-compression pistons
- Titanium valves
- Tuned cylinder heads
- Power Commander
- Racing air filters and ram air
- Titanium exhaust

- Front wheel axle / CNC Steel
- 3 disc holders / CNC Aluminium
- Triple clamps / CNC Aluminium
- Ram air / Aluminium
- Gas tank / Aluminium
- Wired fairings / Stainless steel / 1150 wires / 7,8 Kgs
- Front fairing edges / Aluminium
- Windshield / Plexiglas (PMMA)
- Windshield carrier / Aluminium
- Sub frame / Aluminium
- Number plate holder  / Aluminium
- Modified Frame / Aluminium
- Battery carrier / Aluminium
- Engine spoiler carrier / Aluminium
- Engine spoiler / Antique brass
- Modified engine covers / Magnesium
- Seat / Aluminium & Alcantara
- Fairing brackets / Aluminium
- Exhaust silencers / Stainless steel
- Silencers holders / Stainless steel
- Rear mudguard / Carbon fiber
- Rear caliper carrier / CNC Aluminium
- Expansion tank / Aluminium
- Watch carrier / CNC Aluminium

The bike will up for sale at the Bonhams auction at Le Grand Palais (Paris) on February 4th 2016.

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William Crozes & Patrick Van Robaeys

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