Ducati Super EVO 900

A new life of  900 Superlight


The bike started life as a 1992 900 Superlight.
Here is what I modified:
  • Chopped the rear of the frame and built a sub-frame for a Monster 696 seat unit
  • Upgraded the bike with FCR41 carbs
  • New front-end and calipers of an ST2
  • KTM handlebars
  • 999 clutch and brake master cylinder  
  • Aluminium battery box
  • Lithium ion battery
  • Homemade wiring loom
  • Number plate and headlight frame (inspired by Harley XR1 kit)
  • Modified exhaust system and brackets
  • 900SS ie wheels
  • 900ss ie footrests

by Erik Van de Schaft


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