Cosmo Connected

 The first connected brake light

Smart helmet accessory

Cosmo Connected is a detachable smart helmet accessory that combines a rear brake light and a mobile application. For the first time, an App grants motorcycles the same emergency roadside assistance as the eCall (Emergency Call) does for cars.


- A brake light at eye-level of the driver in the vehicle behind
- Constant or flashing red light (warning mode)
- Rescue-call is sent to the nearest emergency response team within 3 minutes with GPS coordinates and medical information

Be more visible and ride with serenity under our watch

An eye-level signal that the motorcycle rider is slowing down, connected to an emergency roadside assistance service

Acting as a rear brake light at eye-level, Cosmo can be attached to the back of any helmet. It complies with all European standards. The idea is simple: Cosmo emits a signal at eye-level to the driver of the car behind the biker as he slows down, thus providing for better visibility than that offered by stop lights located on the lower part of the bike. When the two-wheeler slows down, the Cosmo Connected light illuminates.


The device is connected to an app, which quickly alerts the emergency services, thus improving the safety of the motorcyclist. If the device detects that an accident has occurred, the geolocation and medical profile of the motorcyclist are sent to the emergency roadside assistance service, that calls for an ambulance and alert the biker’s relatives.