I have a electric dream ! - E-Petty / Preston Petty

"Preston Petty was a leading off-road and motocross racer of the late 1950s through the early 1970s. He was one of the first riders in the country to race Honda motorcycles. Petty rode for America in three International Six-Day Trials (ISDT, now known as ISDE) events and was one of the early proponents of bringing European-style motocross to America.

Petty is perhaps best known for his ground-breaking plastic motorcycle component business, Petty Plastics. His innovative fenders changed the popular view of the time that plastic was junk when it came to off-road motorcycles. His fenders became the gold standard during the 1970s and nearly all serious racers scrapped their stock fenders for Petty units."

- Preston Petty