"MONZA" Corsaro VEloce 1200 / XTR


Donor Bike : Moto Morini Corsaro VEloce 1200 (2009)

SP aluminium cnc machined 4 clamps yokes

FG Racing regulable aluminium cnc machined clipons

XTR regulable and foldable aluminium cnc machined brake and clutch levers

Frentubo brake lines

Frentubo clutch line

XTR front bracket

Modified Suzuki RGV 250 front fairing

RC Racing wáter radiator hand made

XTR hand made metal shaping fuel tank

Fuchs workshop doublé gas cap aluminium cmc machined.

XTR solo seat

LIPO battery

XTR REar subframe

Led rear light

XTR front light

Repositioning of the electrical wiring

OEM aluminium cnc machined pilot footrest

OEM head exhaust system + Wolfman 2 in 1 tube

Spark megaphone

Pintumoto painting

Dante stickers.

Pictures : Sergio Cardeña Diaz

- XTR by Pepo


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