domenica 16 dicembre 2012

Year 2081 - Ducati Yellowjacket

...." Year 2081 Ducati Yellowjacket After the success of the Ducati Mothman the company decided to create a motorcycle that would be more affordable than previous high-powered “smart bikes”. The Yellowjacket's front and rear mounted sensor balls provide the rider with a virtual 360 degree display through Direct Retinal Display (DRD) goggles. Wide spectrum light sensors provide vision in all lighting conditions, but the lack of a physical LED display on the inside of the windscreen, and head and tail lamps meant only to make the bike more visible, not illuminate surroundings, make riding without DRD goggles a dangerous (and illegal) proposition. Further legal trouble lies in the bike's built-in navigation AI, which is easily replaced with hacked after-market AIs capable of bypassing traffic laws and running the engine at higher than normal capacity. The engine is an internal combustion hydrogen engine which uses high pressure steam from the exhaust to drive a turbo. Excess pressure is released as steam from the exhaust pipe which is angled upward to avoid scalding bystanders. The expulsion of high pressure steam often creates a loud whistle similar to a boiling tea kettle raising the question of noise pollution. The engine has its own built-in AI to control the pressure, but if it is not synced properly to the navigation AI, serious pressure problems can arise. The affordability and easy illegal after-market hacking of the AI made the Yellowjacket popular amount urban youths and it soon developed a bad reputation. Ducati released an updated version -the Yellowjacket C2- which corrected most of the exploitable flaws of the first version. Unfortunately, these design exploits were the only real draw to the bike to begin with. The Ducati Yellowjacket was discontinued in 2083.".......


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