Prototype 250cc racing triple A1RA/F5R

This is a prototype 250cc racing triple in a A1RA/F5R chassis, that according to the factory, never existed. Based on correspondence with riders in Japan, Kawasaki produced 2 prototypes in 1972, a 350 triple and a 250 triple. The bikes were tested at Suzuka and were not competitive against the Yamaha's at that time. The factory chose to focus on the H2R project and shelve these smaller triples. They shipped this bike/engine over to Mack Kambayaski in California to see if he could make a competitive race bike. The bike was raced in the US, once at Virginia International Raceway, but was not successful. Although just a prototype for testing, the factory did invest in the engine, the gearbox is a one off six speed unit, the crank has orange ringed bearings to prevent spinning and of course the one off dry clutch. It is also fitted with H1RA ignition. Photographed near San Franscisco, USA. 2015. Dave Crussell collection.



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