Ducati 750 Bob Brown Pantah 8 valve

 By 1985 Bob Brown's very successful TT2 based Pantah was approaching the end of its development. Bob and engineering student Darren Andrew Smith (who used it as his thesis) designed & constructed from scratch a set of DOHC 4-valve heads. Conceived from the outset for possible street use, the heads were designed to be fitted to a standard Pantah motor and frame with a minimum of fuss - wider belts & pulleys and a raising the barrels by 5mm being only requirements. There were teething problems with the 4-valves heads however so 2-valve heads were substituted after a time (as seen here). Original Tingate monocoque frame and swingarm. The fuel is pumped from the lower frame sections via two diaphragm pumps (pulsed from the exhaust) to the built in header tank behind the steering stem, then by gravity to the carbs. The front guard design predates that of the KR500 or BMW K1. Photographed near Barlcelona, Spain. 2015. Can Costa Foundation collection.

- Philaphoto