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We introduce the Fuel BajaV65, a bike created to ride the 2500 km of the Africa Scram 2016 ... but how to define this bike? It’s not a trail, not a scrambler nor a dirt track, is a mixture of all and with his double front light reminds us of those bikes were riding the Baja 1000, (a race in Baja California famous for its hardness ).....

We started from the unusual Guzzi V65 TT (Tutto Terreno) a motorcycle of the 80’s that came out in response to the great success of the BMW R80 G / S in fact this model was some prototipe rode the Paris -DAkar
The original front end was changed for  a Honda Dominator one in order to improve the suspension and braking performances.
The rear shocks were also changed for a the classic Betor motocross shocks with a longer suspensiÛn travel
In front we  builted a support for the twin headlamps which comes from a Suzuki GSX-R750 88 for better lighting in the night stages in the desert of Morocco.
The seat was tailored for comfort for long stages.
The deposit comes from a 70’s  Triumph Bonneville T120  with a capacity of 16lt that had to be modified to adapt to the Guzzi frame.
A mixed tires Heidenau K60 were mounted which are perfect for tarmac and off road stages.
The bike behaved beautifully in the dunes of southern Morocco with its 21 front wheel, its light weight and good suspension travel.
Maybe it’s one of the most special bikes we have built and certainly not like everyone but we believe that to progress we must explore new ideas ...
In the photographs by Jordi Cortes the bike appears  as arrived from the Scram Africa after 2,500km.

Donor bike: Moto Guzzi V65 TT
Engine: 650cc
Power: 48cv
Year: 1985

Main mods:
-Double front light from a Suzuki GSXR 750 1988
-Front light holder handmade
-Front fork from a Honda Dominator
-New colectors
-New seat
-Fuel tank from a Triumph T120 (1970)
- Heidenau K60 tires
- Daytona speedometer
-Leather bag from Maxakaido

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