"LADD" / Fred Krugger

"At the first sight, the challenge was to enhance the general design without fading away the inner dynamic feeling.
To do so we first underlined the shape of both gas tank and tail with a  combination of 1.1 kilograms of 950/1000 silver and our Weirdium alloy (a "black to the core" silver based alloy we  created in our lab)....

After, every single letter of the logo was blackened with a potassium/sulfur mixture to achieve a beautiful monochromatic shades of grey.
We've also used several silver plates to upgrade some  mechanical parts.
A good opportunity to mention the birth place of this Belgian piece of Art: Liège a little town filled with great craftsmen.
Beside the bike itself, we focused on the ignition key.
It had to be precious, of course!
We choose to give it a mechanical "gear" look with its 3.2 grams of 18ct rose gold. It's set with 2 matt onyx cabochons and screwed to a plain 46 grams silver "wing".
In addition to these features, the second key displays a little knife blade hidden in its square body... Very unique, as it has to be part of a Krugger!
Back to the basic with this new bike , VTwin engine, carburator, smal wiring , hardtail..."

Powerplant : 103 ci S&S engine , 6 speed gearbox flipped

21 inch front wheels with 120 Avon tyre

20 inch rear wheels with 220 Avon Cobra

S&S carbs and Superstock ignition

Front and rear Beringer "in board braking"   Hydraulic clutch and Master cylinder combo from Beringer

Seat from Wildhog Italy

Stainless steel primary cover Krugger

Three gasoline tank front left , rear left and rear right  : total 11 liters

Oil tank on the front right side : 3 liters

Lithium battery and Spike starter

All the logo  made by Sansen & Gangi ( see the attached feature)

The spirit /main idea of the bike :

 60%   70's dragster motorcycles
20 %  60's Gasser (racing car)  with the body  line going  down to the rear tyre
20%   Krugger stupid idea   ... with the middle opening top view....

Thanks to : Wildhog, Beringer, Thierry Dricot photography, Mecagen  and  Adrien Jowa

- Fred Krugger  - Krugger.net
- "Photos : www.thierrydricot.be"


  1. Absolutely amazing, beautiful, I am in love !!
    Congratulation FK !!! You're job is just perfect... a dream !


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