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We are happy to introduce the Fuel Catalina GP. A real desert sled motorcycle inspired by the Triumphs people used to ride in the American deserts or on Catalina Island in the 60’s
The choice of the Kawasaki W650 was not accidental, Kawasaki locked in the retro look so perfectly even Triumph fans often need a double-take to distinguish one from a period Meriden bike 
so the W 650 was the perfect bike for our project.
Starting from that base the original tank was left and we worked on the peculiar seat that was used at that time in this type of motorcycles with plenty of padding and room to move.
To get that vintage sled look just right, we fabricated a pair of mid-height, shotgun-style exhausts, complete with internal dB killers.
We’ve also whipped up a small frame to support a saddle bag on the non-exhaust side.
Aluminum mudguards and tacho tires (the front one is a trial type and the rear one is a motocross type) a high-end enduro handlebar and hand-made offroad footpegs were installed in order to be able to ride standing up comfortably.

In the suspensions section, much effort was made to improve the original performances. In the back were mounted YSS and in the fork was installed a new adjustable suspension system developed by HFS (Hybrid Fork Suspension)
A progressive suspension system that combines the actions of springs and air obtaining a progressive behavior and also you get the possibility of adjusting the pressure according to the weight of the rider.
The painting work (and stickers) was made with the idea of getting that patina of the passage of the years so you have the impression of seeing a bike of the 60's.
The bike, once completed, toured the 2,500km of Scram Africa this year with impeccable performance on offroad, sand stages and on mountain roads. In short, a motorcycle with the look of the old desert sled with the technology of today.

Hope you like!
The bike is for sale (for further information please contact us at info@fuelmotorcycles.eu)


Donor bike: Kawasaki W 650
Engine: 650cc
Power: 50cv
Year: 1999

Main mods:
-Front light
-Colectors + db killer handmade
-Leather seat
-Off road footpegs handmade
-Front tire Heidenau K67
-Rear tire Michelin T63
-Daytona speedometer
-Support + side bag
-Suspension YSS Eco Line
-HFS fork suspension system
-Enduro handlebar
-Aluminum fenders
-Stainless steel skid plate protector

- Fuel Motorcycles


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