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- " The Caratsch 6Z project has the idea to connect the worlds of motorcycles and cars, celebrating the myth of Rudolf Caracciola.
At the beginning of his career, alongside cars racing, Caracciola took part in motorcycles races, obtaining some good results and some wins. The Tourist Trophy is one of well-known motorcycles race but it’s important to remember that is also a car competition. Rudolf Caracciola won the 1929 Tourist Trophy, cars edition, in Belfast, driving a Mercedes SSK 6 cylinders.
Starting from these hystorical elements, Caratsch 6Z project aims to create a motorcycle that has the Mercedes SSK livery (colors, race number and several details) but also the hystorical style of bikes that ran the Tourist Trophy along the years. Thanks to specific technical and stylistic solutions, this unique exemplary perfectly combines road and track use. The Tourist Trophy is one of the most famous race on roads and is the best example of this combination. The name of the bike comes from the nickname of the pilot used by Germans in the 30’s combined with the 6 Zylinder (6 Cylinder) abbreviation.
As technical base,  started from Horex VR6 for several reasons: a German motorcycle builder company, six-cylinder engine structure and belonging of this company to Daimler-Benz group for some years in the past." -

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