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Story on the "Resilience"

- Eduardo and Dani  of  Russell Motorcycles -

- " The donor bike is a XSR700 as all the other builds for the yard build project. very proud that Yamaha think in us for this project. We started with various possibilities . Creating a "show bike" a "radical built not street legal" or something that we can ride with it radical but having the opportunity of passing all the technical controls requested to drive in the roads.

This was it. We dismantled the hole bike and decided not to cut anything of it. So our modifications are 1 day off and you have your stock XSR back again.

We used the original inside gas tank but with modifications. We retraced the gas cup rear and were it was located we managed to use it for the speedo . taking it out of the handlebar.

as the tank was in place we started with the rear end . One piece of steel that fits perfect. The seat is an EVA foam we cute to make it fit. Then we moved to the lateral panels we use as plate numbers. made of steel also were the most hard part to design and make them fit. as we did´t move any of the original electrical parts that are under them.

For the front light also a steel frame with LED light fitted perfect in the original shape of the bike.

We contacted Akrapovich that supplied us with their new exhaust for the XSR that gives the bike a perfect look.

Dunlop also wanted to be part of it and give us the Dunlop Sportsmart TT tires . Awesome grip and look.

Color is inspired in the Gauloises racing teams of the 80´s

We are very proud of the bike and how it become and hope someone wants to be the owner of it so if someone is interested :  info@russellmotorcycles.com


- Russel Motorcycles

- Russel Motorcycles