Nembo 32


 In an era in which the logos often “are” the brand, I love that the 32 is a bike you can recognize even without logo, just for its inverted engine and the consequent architecture.

I also love that Nembo has its “motto” to mean its ideals. Since 2010, the Nembo motto, on the fuel tank, was the famous exhortation by the Iulius Caesar’s Tenth Legion Aquilifer Officer (Legion Eagle bearer), during the landing at Britannia, when, from the ship, after throwing the spear with the Legion Eagle to the water's edge in front of the enemies, said to his hesitant comrades:

“Desilite, commilitones, nisi vultis Aquilam hostibus prodere: ego certe meum Rei Publicae atque Imperatori officium praestitero” - Iulius Caesar, De Bello Gallico (IV, 24)

“Comrades, jump down! If you don't want to leave the Eagle in the hands of the enemies!; I will certainly do my duty both towards the Republic and towards our Commander!“

It well resumes the necessity, sometimes, to burn the bridges behind, and so, risk everything to accomplish an ideal of life…

Anyway, in this post I've put the logo too...


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