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"The Optical Conclusions,
Built from two 1972 Harley Davidson Aermacchi SS350s.
-Frame and suspension: Both swing arms are stretched and fitted with single-sided suspension from a gas tension spring and an opposing enclosed coil spring. The subframes on these bikes are mirrored to each other. The white bike’s frame loops around to the front, and the black bike’s frame continues to the rear. The main frame on both bikes had the secondary down tube removed and then was reinforced with gussets.
-Performance: The white bike has a draw through turbo with a dual scavenge pump set up and an exterior oil tank. The black bike has an absolutely adorable wet nitrous system, which is triggered by a switch installed at the top of the carb casting. The green tail section on the white bike houses the oil for the turbo. That same part then serves as the exhaust system for the black bike, which also has a small compartment built-in and is lined with exhaust packing to keep the heat properly directed.
-Electrical: The lighting is definitely one of my favorite parts of this series. Each bike has their batteries built into the gas tank, and wiring running down the main frame and under the seats, and all the wiring near the exhaust is Teflon coated. There is a secondary wiring route to bypass the coils and battery to allow each bike to be plugged into a standard 110 outlet, which also means they could function as lamps."

- J Mounira Shia -

- Madhouse Motors


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