"Scroat" - Honda Hobbit

The base bike was a 78 pa50I that in the end, I used the engine cases and gearbox. The frame and subframe are 3/4" chromoly steel, fork tubes are a yamaha pw80, and front brake off a kawasaki kz400. The radiator is from a ninja 250 and running a bosch pump. Frame and subframe are powdercoated in a "safety orange" and the bodywork is a urethane base/clear in grabber blue.

MOPED 1978 Honda Hobbit engine
Crank: Honda Hobbit Aluminum Stuffed -12mm Pin
Engine: Stock Engine
Cylinder: peugeot malassi mhr replica 70cc carburetion
Carb: Mikuni VM 20mm Roundslide exhaust
Pipe: Honda hobbit mlm h95

-   Joe Schuitema