sabato 30 luglio 2016

"Speedy" / XTR Pepo


 Donor bike : Yamaha SR 250 Special ( 1985).

 –Modified oem frame  with conversion to cantiléver suspensión system.

 –OEM swingarm modified for Cantilever suspension system.

 –YSS rear schock.

 –Modified OSSA fuel tank with Monza gas cap.

 –XTR Tracker solo seat.

 –XTR upholstery.

 –Rizoma handlebar.

 –Suzuki GSXR 750 front brake pump.

 –NG  front brake rotor.

 –18  inches front rim.

 –OEM modified front mudguard.

 –Frentubo front brake line.

 –Highsider front light.

 –XTR front  light, blinker and speedo bracket.

 –XTR led Blinkers.

 –XTR led rear light.

 –XTR licence plate holder.

 –XTR Speedo.

 –Gonelli grips.

 –Gonelli number plate.

 –Tsubaki gold chain.

 –Puig footrest.

 –Engine blueprinted  and retouched intake and exhaust headports.

 –XTR air filter.

 –DNA  oil  breather filter.

 –RR oil temperature gauge.

 –Drilled rear drum brake .

 –SuperMario exhaust system.

 –BMW S1000R silencer.

 ARTENRUTA painting.

 Pictures : Jose Cepas.

 - XTR Pepo - Yamaha SR250 "Speedy"

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