Ballistic Trident / Rough Crafts

Bike Name: Ballistic Trident
Builder: Winston Yeh
City/state: Taipei, Taiwan
Company Info: Rough Crafts

Year / Model: 2015 MV Agusta BRUTALE 800RR

Engine Make / Size: MV Agusta/798cc

Frame Make / Type: MV Agusta/stock with custom made sub-frame

Front End Make / Type: Rough Crafts one off trees with Ohlins FGR800 forks

Rear Shocks: Ohlins TTX

Rake: stock

Stretch: none

Trail: stock

Swingarm: stock

Transmission/Drives/Clutch: stock

Exhausts: HP Corse "Hydro-Tre"

Wheels F: Rough Crafts x Wukawa Industry "RCVGP-6" style / 17 x 3.50"
Wheels R: Rough Crafts x Wukawa Industry "RCVGP-6" style / 17 x 6.00"

Tires F: Pirelli DIABLO SUPERBIKE 120/70 R 17
Tires R: Pirelli DIABLO SUPERBIKE 180/60 R 17

Brakes F: Rough Crafts/BERINGER one-off discs with BERINGER 4 pistons radial calipers
Brakes R: stock disc with BERINGER 2 pistons caliper

Sprocket Kit: AEM Factory

Painter: Air Runner Custom Paint

Chroming / Plating: Anodizing

Assembly: MV Agusta Taiwan

Sheetmetal: OneHandMade

Gauge: Rough Crafts/Shark Factory
Foot controls: MV Agusta Corse
Handlebars: Bonamici Racing Clip ons
Handlebar controls: MV Agusta/Rough Crafts

Headlight: none
Taillight: stock

Seat: Rough Crafts/HeChun custom seats
Tail Section: Rough Crafts
Mirror: none
Gas caps: Rough Crafts
Risers: none
Grips: Motogadget
Turn Signals: Motogadget bar-ends

Additional Info:
Rough Crafts designed Dustbin style fairing molded carbon fiber by Lee Speed
All titanium bolts provided by ProTi
2 Abnormal Sides made custom badge on top of tail section

".....This build was commissioned by MV Agusta Taiwan, to showcase the world what a MV Agusta can be done with Rough Crafts flavor.
We try to capture the rich racing history of vintage MV Agusta with the newest model, the Brutale 800RR as the base, while looking at old pictures with MV racing vintage GP, we saw these old GP bikes with big dustbin full fairing,  immediately I decided this is the biggest visual reference I want to put into the design, but the vintage dustbin fairing got a down side (also the reason it got banned from the race), it¡¦ll face a big amount of side wind, also with a full fairing you¡¦ll need to either make the faring very wide, or make the turn very restricted, which I don¡¦t want either way, so this is the ¡§modern dustbin¡¨ I came up with, which turns with the forks and super small in the side profile also super narrow from the front too, and when it¡¦s on the bike, the tank ¡§wings¡¨ extended out, to form a continues curve from the side profile goes all the way to the tail section. Also from the top of the windscreen, to the peak of the tank, till the top of the tail section, forms a perfect line too.
After the shaping was done, all the detail pieces just kind of falls together effortlessly, I even designed a set of vintage GP inspired wheels to enhance the look even more.
Brakes are provided by our trusted friend from BERINGER BRAKES, they also helped me making a set of one-off disc to match the 6 spokes wheels design I got.
The ¡§Hydro-Tre¡¨ exhausts from HP Corse (, is hands down the most beautiful exhausts designed for MV Agusta. When I was doing the research of what exhausts can be done to the bike, I immediately found myself drawn to that design and it just flow with the curves I try to achieve with the bike perfectly, usually I made my own exhausts system for every bike I built, but this time I just found myself keep drawn back to the Hydro-Tre's look, so I contacted HP Corse, found that they've been watching my builds for a while too and willing to provide one of their very fisrt production batch for the build!!
The Gauge was stock MV Agusta inside with all their functions/adjustments intact, I simply designed a cleaner, smaller housing for it, and Shark Factory ( machined it for me with their state of the art machine.
The front fairing itself I actually designed it with a full scaled 3D model, and carved out of a big chunk of wood, then was molded into carbon fiber. The whole fairing can be mounted/dismounted in a couple minutes, and we designed a clamp to fit a headlight without the fairing if someone need to ride it on the road too.
As usual, Pirelli Taiwan ( provided us the DIABLO SUPERBIKE slicks for the gripping.
At the 11th hour, AEM Factory ( came up with this beautifully machined sprocket with colors matching the whole bike....."

- Winston - Rough Crafts


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