MANX7 Road-legal electric Superbike / Saroléa

Road-legal electric Superbike

Developed & hand-crafted in house
F1 Lightweight Carbon Fiber Chassis
3D Printed &  Milled Components
In keeping with the brand’s heritage, all Saroléa bikes are built by hand in-house.
Everything, from the full carbon-fibre monocoque chassis and bodywork to the motor has been designed, developed and manufactured in-house.

Technical specifications

  Frame Full carbon fiber monocoque built in-house

  Engine Brushless DC 3-phase electric motor, built in-house

  Transmission Chain, single speed

  Front brake Beringer 4-pistons Radial Aerotec©

  Rear brake Beringer 2-pistons Radial Aerotec©

  Front wheel OZ Racing, Piega R forged aluminium 3.50” x 17”

  Rear wheel OZ Racing, Piega R forged aluminium 6.50” x 17”

  Front suspension Öhlins Ø 43 mm Superbike Telegabel FGR 300

  Rear suspension Öhlins monoshock TTX

  Swing arm Carbon fiber, built in-house

  Battery Lithium-ion

  Charge system Quick charge capabilities

  Front tyre Bridgestone Battlax RS10 120/70 ZR17

  Rear tyre Bridgestone Battlax RS10 195/55 ZR17
Saroléa MANX7 2016

Proprietary Vehicle Control Unit

4G, Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity

Customisable Regenerative braking

Rated output  100 to 180 KW (134 to 245 HP)

Maximum torque  600 to 900 Nm

Acceleration 0-100Kph,  2,8 sec

Maximum speed  320 Kph

CO2 emission 0 gr/km

Range  300 Km Combined cycle

Quick charge time (90%)  25 min

- Saroléa