"The Riot Starter" R65 / IWC Motorcycles

1986 - BMW R65 ‘’The Riot Starter’’
- Custom reinforced frame, unique diagonal line.
- Custom subframe all connectors conventional lathed
- Frame sandblasted and powder coated satin black
- Honda CB400 Tank
- Honda CB400 rear fender covered with yellow striping as tank
- Tank color: diamant metallic black, finished with classic yellow striping
- Custom emergency engine stop of waterjetski
- BMW R1200 GS steer with original risers
- Brembo RCS17 breakpomp with custom breaking line
- Rizoma gold anodized brake flued reservoir
- Caferacers United mechanical speedometer
- Headlight with integrated blinkers and custom light shield
- Harley Davidson side mount headlight on engine bracket
- New bolts, mostly stainles steel 304
- Custom made saddle, made by Miller Kustom Upholstery
- Custom stainless steel Battery holder with an industrial stainless steel belt
- Custom leather battery cover made by Miller Kustom upholstery
- Custom 3 piece Stainless steel 316L Exhaust system, installed with 6 exhaust springs
- Custom aluminium cnc yoke mounted with custom lathed spring ends
- Custom stainless steel ignitor holder
- Custom stainless steel license plate holder
- Custom stainless steel pegs
- Fuel hoses covered with stainless steel housing
- BMW classic aluminium valve covers
- Bullet back blinkers
- DNA carb power filters
- Carter ventilation filter mounted on top of engine
- Milled front fork for wider front wheel
- Stainless GP exhaust
- Continental TKC80 tires
- Wilbers emulsion rear shock
- USB connector for charging on side of bike

- " IWC Motorcycles is a Dutch custom garage founded by Arjan van den Boom
& Partner in 2012. Together we customize, conceptualize and realize motorcycles to one-of- a-kind vintage machines, piece by piece! Let’s start first with; we are crazy about bikes, pretty much all of them as noticed on first glance but our hearts will skip a beat when seeing properly manufactured cafe racers around the globe. The actual journey of taking on the build, tear down the bikes to its bare bones and rebuild them from the ground up provides us that all-time high.

Our l-o- v-e for caferacers is no secret, so every project we handcraft will have its own specific details and key features to tell its own story. Throughout the process of building we mostly envision our bikes as mean and fast “brat style” rides with a few touches from the industrial universe of the 20th century. We constantly have new ideas shuffling in our heads and when it comes of finding the perfect tailored solution for each assignment we will be challenged by conventional concepts blended with innovative defiance. We achieve to deliver a work of art on every vintage machine, turning scrappy metal into gold!" -

- IVC motorcycles

Arjan van den Boom
Founder & Owner
Tel:0031 (0)614746886

Ironwood Custom Motorcycles
Hefbrugweg 12
1332 AN Almere
The Netherlands


Collab @arjanvandenboom & @mervinwagner
Photo(s) by @jacksonkunis

Collabo project with @pisanggoreng1980
Photo(s) by @jacksonkunis 


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