H2R 750

1974 Kawasaki H2 750cc 3 cylinder 2 stroke Street legal


Engine number H2E-35616

Engine has stock compression.  Currently running VP C-9 ethanol free (96 octane) but runs fine on pump gas.

Crankshaft rebuilt by Damon Kirkland with aluminum labyrinth seals.

Cylinders on stock bore, honed and new rings installed.  Fins are modified.

Engine cases, cylinders, and heads have been cleaned and bead blasted.

Front engine mount is rubber mounted.

150 PSI compression

Mikuni VM34 round slide carbs with UNI filters and choke levers on carbs.

Transmission shimmed.

New clutch steels and fibers.

Running now on a combination of pre-mix at 40:1 and oil pump at idle setting.

Can run either premix or use oil pump.  Just need to attach cable from throttle.

Custom fabricated Leo/Nev designed expansion chambers with polished aluminum silencer custom carbon fiber protectors.

Exhaust is coated with Cerakote ceramic coating.  Glacier black.

Exhaust is rubber mounted in rear and attached to aluminum rearset mounts.

Frame and bodywork:

Modified original 1974 H2 frame.

Fabricated using DOM tubing and TIG welded.  Most of frame including swingarm is new and has been reinforced and gusseted.

Painted with DuPont 2 part urethane, base coat/clear coat.

Aluminum panels in rear bolt to tabs on frame for reinforcement.

45 degree vibration isolators located below gas tank for reinforcement and vibration isolation.

Custom fabricated spring loaded chain tensioner.

Custom fabricated, reinforced, one off swingarm.

Carbon fiber front fender.

GSXR rearsets mounted on 1/2” aluminum mounts.

Fuel tank, fairing, and tail section are Airtech and are fabricated from the original Team Hansen molds.  Tail has been modified.  It is wider and has a curve in the back.

- 454ss1991ebay