Fior89 + FiorRS500 / Claude Fior

Fior89 - 004
This one of two 1989 Fior 500s made, and as '89 was the final year they competed in the 500cc World Championship, it represents the peak of Frenchman Claude Fior's GP designs. His original front end design first saw light of day in 1980 as part of an aftermarket chassis for TZ250/350s. In '86 & '87 his bikes, powered by Honda RS500 motors, were entered in the 500cc championship but only scored a single point for both years. The bike was redesigned for the '88 season and again for '89 when a derivative of the JPX-Yamaha 4 cylinder motor was used (JPX was based in LeMans and supplied motors mainly for GP sidecars). The 6 speed gearbox & clutch are TZ500 items. Rider Marco Gentile finished in 18th position in '89. The bike has no frame with the motor providing the attachment points for both front & rear suspensions. 150hp at 12,300rpm. Weight with oil & water, no fuel 127kg. Top speed 300kph. The overflow bottle was sourced from a pharmacy nearby Fior's workshop! Photographed in Northern Italy. 2016.

FiorRS500 - 001
This is one of the three Honda RS500 powered bikes built by Claude Fior, starting in 1984. Thierry Rapicault campaigned it in 1987. The bike features his innovative chassis design with an emphasis on the rigidity of the load-baring components and loading the front wheel for maximum cornering speed whilst keeping excellent feel. The wheelbase is only 1280mm, while the seat height is a high 850mm. The chassis is fully adjustable for trail, wheelbase, ride height and the position of the pivot point for the rear suspension to gearbox output shaft. The standard RS500 motor produces 125hp at 11,500rpm. Wet weight (no fuel) of 117kg, which is 8kg less than a stock RS500. Top speed 285kph. Fournales compressed air suspension units are used front and rear. Photographed in Northern Italy. 2016.

- Philaphoto