E-Racer / Agile Racing

 The fairing is designed and will be converted to 3D with Computer Aided Design. 3D printers will be used to realise these parts. Advantage of that is total freedom in design and no large up-front costs of moulds.

This is the heart of the bike and propells it towards the high speeds its capable off. It has 100kW (136bhp)  continuous power and can reach up to 230kW (312bhp)  peak power.

 The motor controller converts the DC power from the batteries towards 3-phase AC power which is required for the engine. The higher the power requirements are, the more difficult it becomes to make this reliable and efficient. Together with partners we are developing this controller.

 The frame ties everything together: suspension, batteries, controller and the engine. We are currently in the process of finding the best way to manufacture this frame. Options being considered are 3D metal printing, casting, traditional CNC or hybrid techniques that combine those.

- Agile racing 


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