T140 HB Hang Built / Carl Hensel the Image Guy


A few weeks back, I went to my local shopping centre, to pick up some groceries and when I got out of my car, I noticed a motorcycle shining in the afternoon sun.
I stopped to look at it and for the life of me, I did not know what it was.
The owner was standing next to the bike and I wandered over to say hello.
Hag was more than happy to have a chat and show me his beautiful motorcycle.
There were so many things I liked about this bike, so I asked him if he would bring it over to my studio, to be photographed.
He said “what was your name again?”
“Carl” I said
A big smile formed on his face and he told me that a friend of his, was only just showing him “Carl‘s Garage” recently and here I was asking if I could photograph his bike!
It’s started life 18 months ago, as a very ordinary T140 and along the way, it transformed into this unique and beautiful motorcycle.
The standard of finish and the very clever choices that he has made, has created a bike that not only looks spectacular, but is a great ride as well.
My dear brother Trip was here for the shoot today and the three of us shared stories, discussed this awesome build and had a laugh along the way.
From the custom-made exhaust to his own unique tank badges, from top to bottom, front to back… this is a very special motorcycle indeed
When you live in a town long enough, there are only so many degrees of separation and the longer we talked, the more names we both knew… I spoke of Speedway, we both knew Scotty Sunderland, I spoke of bike building and we both knew Tony Fitzpatrick and the list went on.
Thank you Hag, for bringing your fine motorcycle to my garage. I really enjoyed our time spent together and creating these cool images with you.
It makes me wonder just how many amazing bikes like this one, are hidden away out there, lovingly built by enthusiasts like Hag. A man who has ridden his entire life, done the hard yards and still builds and rides awesome motorcycles.
If I had not seen this bike in that carpark and walked over to say hello, these images would not have happened and this beauty would not have been shared.
“Carl’s Garage” - for all bikes great and small, matching number or full custom… All are welcom


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