2x2 ULTRA ⚡ BIKE # Dual - Drive Motor / Max Kovalenko



is equipped with low-pressure tires, which allows it to move over any kind of terrain. These tires allow the driver to move through mud, swamps, sand, snow and water areas with minimal energy consumption. It has built-in detachable generator and remains mobile as long as it’s tanked up. 

 2x2 Drive Train | Rims - fuel tanks | Lifepo4 48v 35AH Battery | Lifepo4 30A Charger | 3kw inverter 110V/220V | Petrol inverter 800Watt generator | 2 x 1kW rated, 2 kW peak Motors |

- Max Kovalenko  start a campaign to raise funds on the Indiegogo


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