'Black Mustache' / Tamarit Motorcycles


Model: Triumph Thruxton (Carburation)
Year: 2004
Manufacturer: Triumph
Displacement: 900 ccc
Exhaust: Gran Boludo
Headlight: 3/4
Mini speedometer: Speedometer koso negro
Fists: Black Biltwell
Seat: Jarama modificated
Tires: Heidenau
Triumph parts - Tamarit Motorcycles: Coverchain, Elimination kit, Santa María side cover, Hummer cubrecarter, intermittent rear e intermittents, Pantera bellows, fist mirrors, and Öhlins shock absorbers.
Design and Painting: Tamarit Motorcycles

- "At Tamarit we are back to congratulations once our latest customization is finished. It is the Triumph The black mustache, the bike that we have customized for a friend of the house, for a customer that is very special for us: Rubén. He is a partner and owner of the most fashionable Barber Shop in Alicante (Spain).

Although it has not yet been four years since we customized the first triumph bike, this is already our project number twenty. And the truth is that we are very satisfied because we have managed to do what we like: manufacture parts and customize Triumph neoclassical motorcycles, specifically the Bonneville, Scrambler and Thruxton.

“The Black Moustache” is a triumph thruxton of carburation in black color, in which it has acted on the seat Jarama. We have pickled the deposit and the seat, sanding them to a spectacular steel color.
So that no detail is missing, we have painted the engine covers in aluminum and black, leaving some small white details.

Important modifications have also been made to the front, replacing the original headlight with a 3/4. As for the rubbers, our bet is the same as Mr Kevin motorcycle, behind mitas e-07 and ahead heidenau. And with matt black paint on bushings and rims.

We have also removed the fender from the rear and instead we have placed a removal kit, a stainless steel fender, side perforated aluminum side covers and two ohlins. These are actions with which we have made the rear of the bike very sober and clean.

We have placed the mirrors at the end of the handlebar. The metal springs are black and a mini-counter has been fitted to replace the two original watches.
In addition, the usual fender has been removed to put the mudguard “new little bastard”. The bike has a steering damper. And taking advantage of the exhausts that go up, a hummer cover has been placed that wraps around the chassis.
“The hardest part has undoubtedly been the modification of the tail unit, which is unlike any other we’ve ever made. We had to insert two protruding ovals in stainless steel on the outside of the plastic moulding to get the rear number plates looking like they were meant to be there.”

“In the end, we like pretty much everything on this bike. Its balance, its sobriety of line and restrained colours,”  “It’s hard to single out a real favourite piece, but maybe the front with the new headlight, black springs and the sump guard is one of the best angles.”

- Tamarit Motorcycles