RD-E / Scrambler / Tony Helms

  the 'RD-E'. Previously a 1975 Yamaha 2-stroke 'RD-250'.
-5.5Kw battery, 45~55 mile range
-640W charger Charge time, 8ish hours (0%-100%)
-DC motor, 23Kw output (31HP, 50ish Ft/lbs torque)
-16/60 chain gearing
-Custom motor cooling fan with 'Exhaust' tip for classic look
-Top speed 78 mph.
-Weight 287lbs

-Motenergy ME1003 (24Kw peak)
-Alltrax AXE-7245 Controller
-58Ah Nissan Leaf modules (8 in series, 90V peak 5.5KW)
-Tyco Contactor
-Greenpower 120W DC/DC converter
-2x Meanwell HLG-320H-42a chargers wired in series
-Sprocket specialist custom 60 tooth rear, chained to a 16t front.
-Koso DB-01R speedometer cluster.
-Sealed LED headlight with separate amber hi-beam
-Shinko Dual-Sport 244 tires.
-Body made of 'Sintra' PVC' plastic.
-Frame sprayed with 'Gold Flake' VHT spray paint with clear coat.
--Still need to do--
-Create BMS system
-Fab up an improved kickstand switch

-Tony Helms