"Vector" / Arch Vehicles Ltd.

The Arc Vector is the world’s first fully electric neo-café racer, with game-changing, fully integrated Human Machine Interface (HMI). The innovation doesn’t stop there: the Vector’s carbon composite structure features high-end componentry, including full carbon fibre swingarms, custom Ohlins dampers, a Bembo brake system – and the unique Arc battery monocoque.  Reading about it is exciting. Experiencing it is infinitely more exciting …

Range  Highway: 120 Miles  Urban: 170 Miles Volume  355 Units  (Voltage of arc 1) 0–60 Mph  2.7 seconds Top speed  150 mph  $ 117k  ,  the numbers of the new electric CafeRacer

MATERIALITY  The Arc Vector is a beautiful combination of the finest materials: a perfect balance of sustainability, performance and aesthetic mastery that reflects the Arc philosophy. Forensic attention to detail ensures every piece is optimised for purpose, ensuring the purest, most balanced design possible. Sustainability is at the forefront of the Arc mindset. Our planet facilitates our journeys, so we build machines that confront the elements while protecting them. Vector’s design embodies sustainability for progress: using the best-suited materials, reducing mass, minimising waste.

Human Machine Interface

The unique Arc Pilot System delivers a transformational riding experience, providing you with feedback and notifications, keeping you safe and agile – freeing you to enjoy your journey and make the most of your moment. Working with Knox to develop the Origin armour and jacket system that houses the Pilot System’s haptic element, ARC has brought together the most innovative motorcycle brand with a company at the cutting edge of impact-protection clothing design.
With Hedon, Arc have developed the bespoke Arc Zenith helmet to facilitate the HUD (Head-Up Display). Composite technology, with premium and luxurious finishes, provides superb safety: a guiding star for owners.

Head up display (H.U.D) Helmet  The Arc Zenith helmet’s projection-based HUD (Head-up Display), developed in collaboration with Hedon, is similar to fighter pilot systems – a significant technological jump. The helmet’s integral rear camera can be shown through the HUD and kicks in automatically when detecting anything in your blind spot. The different modes are selected via a controller on the bike – or can be voice-activated and act wirelessly. Completed by a fitted WiFi headset, the Arc Zenith is technically advanced, comfortable, cool (in both senses of the word) and combines form and function seamlessly.

ARC ORIGIN SYSTEM  A pioneering collaboration between Arc and Knox, the motorcycle industry’s leading rider protection experts, the Arc Pilot System heralds a new age in motorcycle safety, breaks new ground, and takes immersive sensory experiences and protection to a new level.  The system’s audio-powered haptics, carried in an armoured shirt and placed in the areas where the body is most sensitive, allow delivery of a supremely nuanced sensory input and a genuinely transformational riding experience.

- Arch Vehicles Ltd.