DCR-017 "The Brain Eraser" / DNA High Performance Filters

From Greece, a KTM RC8 "The Brain Eraser" is here !

 162 kg Curb weight if you are American / Kerb weight if you are British! 186 whp, 13.55 kgm, 162 kg !!!!! The power to weight ratio of the DCR-017 is 1.148 Whp/kg..!

The front light is LED, with High, low and day light beam. Also incorporated is a Tilt sensor, that points the beam left or right, depending on the side you lean. Again a minimal unique design, just a simple elegant ‘Ring’ CNC machined from billet and anodized orange to match the Tank fuel cap, DNA air filter, Fenders and footpegs-lever ends. The rear light, is as minimal as possible! Incorporated in a groove located at the rear of the under seat

Machining the tank out of a single block of aluminum alloy, proved to be an almost impossible task… Very complicated procedure, risky and stressful for us, as we had only one block of aluminum and failure was not an option. The design of the tank externally looks like a 2 stroke race tank from the 70’s -80’s , the huge difference is that it is ‘hollow’ in the center allowing the DNA air filter to protrude from bellow and be exposed! At first we machined all the internal and bottom of the tank. As this is a 3D part, we machined against the Cad file and used a FARO arm to verify the part. Following we manufactured a special ‘jig’ and bolted the tank on it. The complete assembly was placed in the CNC machining center again and the very long and painful procedure of finishing the external and visible side started. We tested 4 different finishing ‘patterns’ to finally achieve the unique ‘fingerprint’ texture of the tank and the 2mm final thickness. Starting from a 146 kg billet block, the final part weighed 3.6 kg! Total CNC machining hours for the tank 400! The bottom side of the tank consists of a 2 mm plated and the CNC machined fuel pump housing. Tank, bottom plate and pump housing are all TIG welded together, in house. Final fuel capacity 11 lit!

 The seat design looks so common and so unique, at the same time. The design follows the ‘typical’ café racer style, with nice smooth lines. The front is narrow to blend nicely with the tank and allow the rider to hold/squeeze the tank with his legs and feel comfortable. The rear has the same width with the tank and the space inside is designed to accept the battery, fuse box, relays and part of the harness. Machined out of a 60 kg billet block, after 60 hours of CNC machining the final weight is 1.2 kg! and the surface has the ‘fingerprint’ finish of the tank, with visible tool paths, protected by clear anodizing. The under seat is designed to connect with the seat using a precise male/female connection. The 2 parts blend perfectly and produce the beautiful minimal lines that ‘flow’ from the tank to the rear of the DCR-017. All the bolts that connect the Tank, seat, under seat and sub frame are nicely hidden from common view. Again this part is out of a 24 kg billet block. The final weight of the part is 4 kg with a ‘fingerprint’ finish and clear anodizing.

 Single analogue white dashboard, but with a very small LCD screen to display all the important data necessary for our DCR-017 to operate safely.

CNC machined from billet 5083 and anodized mat black, is bolted on the right side of the radiator and features a beautiful custom level indicator with Inox M6 Tamper proof Torx banjo bolts.

 This is the heart and the sole of the DCR-017 ! The DCR-017 is built around this filter and the beauty of this custom CNC machined and orange anodized filter is just mind blowing! Besides the beauty the DNA air filter performs. It flows more than enough air for the engine to produce the 186 ‘ponies’! As it is ‘very’ near to the body and heart of the rider, you feel it! You feel the ‘pulses’ you hear the ‘roar’….

- DCR017 - DNA High Performance Filters