STOAT Slayer Custom Harley Davidson Ironhead Sportster / Rocket Bobs

Harley Ironhead Sportster 'Stoat Slayer'
1979 Ironhead with S&S dual throad carb and Rocket Bobs full 316 stainless 2-2 exhaust. Rocket Bobs custom Yamaha DT175 tank, Rocket Bobs Lobster back handlebars, Biltwell Thruster grips and Joker Machine 2" Dual Handlebar Riser. Rocket Bobs custom arrowhead swingarm (1957 Harley Davidson Arrowhead swingarm mated to original Ironhead pivot and widened & lengthened 45mm) and Rocket Bobs rising rate suspension with Nitron full race shock. Jackshaft using the old arrowhead pivot point to convert to left side drive. Marzocchi forks. Front Wheel: Rotobox Boost with Brembo caliper and ZX10R disc. Rear Wheel: Rotobox Boost with Hope 6 piston brake caliper and Rocket Bobs disc. - Rocket Bobs Cycle Works Photo - Horst Rösler.

- Rocket Bobs


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